Firstly BaAn Joint Stock Company would like to say a respect greeting and express our heartfelt thanks to valued customers and partners who have trusted and cooperated with us during passing time.

With more than 10 years experienced in manufacturing and supply HDPE Plastic Pipe and solutions for underground power cable and telecommunication cable installation, Ba An always is considered as the pioneer. In 1998, for the first time in Vietnam BaAn manufactured and developed HDPE Plastic Pipes – the specialized product in protecting cable which has been applying in many countries in the world. Since then with nonstop effect we researched and developed HDPE Plastic Pipe and synchronous accessories, meeting actual situations of construction in Vietnam. BaAn HDPE Plastic Pipe has been trusted by interior and foreign customers. They have been used in many priority projects of construction, lighting, power and telecommunication. Promoting gained achievements, BaAn continues to lead in providing solution of multi-color, corrugated optical pipes and Microducts pips to solve “sky-trash” in urban areas in Vietnam.

With experience, our enthusiasm for the job and business orientation for consumers, BaAncommited to have a long-term cooperation, contribute our capability in giving value and customer’s satisfaction.

Thank you and best regards,